The scheduled season of “Master of the Track 2012 will bring riders from different disciplines to SXM for thrilling and top-class shows. During the events we will be staging the “Master of the Track”competitions in SXM and the surrounding islands. We will also be giving opportunities to amateur riders to participate in Super Motard, Scooter Motard, Freestyle FMX/Wheelie and BMX competitions for the title of Master of the Track 2012 and also demonstrations for the general public. We will also be spotlighting the diverse cultural talents of these islands in the Caribbean.
Our aim in creating an event of this kind is to introduce these daring sports to the people of the Caribbean and visitors - giving the youth of these islands a chance to develop through a discipline that demands dedication, enthusiasm, team playing and courage.

Sport Moto is proud to announce the "Master of the Track, Monster Racing at our Pond Island "ShellyVille" Track. Official opening of the Pond Island "Shellyville" Track is on March 10, 2012.
“Master of the Track 2012”
We are looking for sponsors to aid us in the financing of an exciting Master of the Track 2012 event in SXM showcasing this exciting sport.
Sport Moto is dedicated to the sport of Motocross, not only providing mechanical expertise but also by teaching and providing a track for its dedicated followers, whose numbers are growing daily. Through teaching the sport we aim to provide a much needed, positive direction for the youth of this island. Also through the development of a regional sport we hope to build greater ties between the youth of the neighboring islands. "